I thank Ruach Ha'Kodesh for His invaluable inspiration

The study of quantum physics has reduced much of what we thought was real to mere wishful thinking.
Is this world, this universe, what we were taught? Or, is our universe a mere shadow of a greater reality?
How would you live if you understood that we exist only in a digital simulation, and that most everything you thought you knew about reality was wrong?
We tend to think of the spirit world as a fuzzy adjunct to the real world. In point of fact, the reverse is true. The "real" world is the spirit world. (We are spirits in a material world). Our existence is a digital construct, not unlike the holodeck on SNG. The people living in the holodeck world are unaware of the larger reality that exists beyond their understanding.
You won't be disappointed. I think.

Robert McClain
January 7 at 4:00am ·
What I cannot wrap my head around is this: If the world is flat, not a globe, why is there an Arctic? According to flat earth theory, the Arctic is at the center of the earth. Antarctica inhabits the outer edge of the earth and acts as a barrier, supposedly to keep the oceans contained.
Yet, despite occupying the very center of the earth disc, intense cold prevails there, just like around the disc's entire edge. Why?
For me, the answer is not too difficult to figure out. Prior to the flood, the earth was fairly uniform in temperature. I remember reading about palm tree fossils being discovered in Antarctica. This evidence supposedly was a strong indicator of Pangaea--the theory that all landmasses were once connected in a giant super continent.
But, if Antarctica were connected to Australia, New Zealand, India, and Africa, it would have, nevertheless, been located in the higher latitudes of the southern hemisphere. Palm trees are tropical. People try to grown them in Louisiana and cannot grow them too very tall because of the climate.
So, why is the Arctic a frozen wasteland if it is the center of the earth as shown on the U.N. flag?
Little known fact: The snow and ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic is fresh water. Where did all that fresh water come from?
I believe it comes from two places, the sky and the fountains of the deep. It rained for almost six weeks straight. The uniform temperatures vanished. The equator's average temperature skyrocketed, and the temperatures at both poles plummeted. In Siberia, mastodons were discovered encased in ice. After they were dug out, researchers discovered the flesh had been freeze dried, and in their mouths and stomachs were buttercups and other vegetation that no longer grows in that region.
Yeshua told his disciples, "Let no man deceive you."
We are warned again and again in Scripture, "Be not deceived."
We know, too, that the end cannot come until there is a great falling away first. Christians will heap unto themselves teachers to tell them what they want to hear. Christians will not endure sound doctrine, but will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.
Take care that ye be not deceived, for the day is coming when mass deception takes hold on the earth, and all the people that have pleasure in sin and love unrighteousness, God will give over and allow them to believe a lie.
Is the flat earth part of the end times deception? I do not know. I do know that "aliens" are part of it, but consider this. Out of nowhere, almost overnight, the idea the earth is flat has consumed the Christian church. YouTube is replete with videos "proving" the earth is a disc, not a globe.
Either way, what doth it profit us to argue over the shape of our world when every single day 150,000 people leave their shells behind and 97 percent of them are taken captive by the god of this world? Why do we waste time on vain imaginings about fruitless arguments that do nothing to fulfil the great commission